Information for Landlords

Webbs Real Estate offers professional and honest advice about your investment property and manages one of the largest rental portfolios in Gloucester. Our professional property management team are committed, responsive and passionate about achieving successful outcomes for landlords and tenants alike.

Our office achieves the desired outcomes for landlords in the following areas:

  • Strict screening process of prospective tenants
  • Expert lease negotiation
  • Timely, proactive communication
  • Reduced risk of rent arrears through strict monitoring
  • Detailed reporting on inspections and maintenance
  • Comprehensive monthly and annual financial reports


Our property management team have a thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act which guides the professional and appropriate management of your investment property.


Selecting the Right Tenant

Webbs Real Estate ensures that all measures are taken to find the right tenant for you and your investment property. Prospective tenants must first be taken for a viewing of the property. Should they wish to proceed, tenants will submit an application which requires them to produce details of their current and previous tenancies, employment history, identification details and any other information that may be relevant to their application.

Our team then carries out a thorough investigation of the tenants application, sourcing rental references from previous landlords or real estate agencies, reviewing their financial information and, when we are satisfied with a tenants application, we will submit the application to you for final approval.

Once a tenant has been approved by the landlord, a Residential Tenancy Agreement (RTA) will be drawn up. When meeting with the tenant to sign the agreement, the property managers go through this document so the tenant understands their responsibilities. We include a Special Conditions section that reinforces some of the RTA but also addresses any issues not included.


Ongoing Management Services

  • Webbs manages the collection of rent
  • Rent payments are reviewed regularly and arrears followed up promptly
  • Communications with tenants are documented
  • If a tenant falls into arrears over 14 days we will contact you to seek instruction
  • Webbs schedules regular inspections and completes detailed reports
  • We inform you of any maintenance issues over $300 in a timely manner
  • A rent review is conducted as required
  • An exit inspection is conducted at the end of the tenancy
  • At month end rent is disbursed
  • We pay tradespeople when necessary on your behalf and full details are provided on your statement
  • Webbs can manage the payment of rates and water accounts for your rental property
  • Webbs utilise the services of licenced contractors to remedy maintenance issues promptly


Click here to visit the NSW Department of Fair Trading's Being a Landlord website