Navigating your way through the rental property market can be challenging.

By successfully fulfilling your obligations of the Residential Tenancy Agreement, your record of tenancy history can provide a powerful reference for any future tenancy applications.

The following guide is designed to assist our new tenants to ensure their transition to a new rental property is smooth.

Should you have any questions in relation to your tenancy obligations, these can be addressed with our staff prior to, or at the initial tenancy appointment.

Once you have signed your agreement, it is essential that the condition report be completed within the first 7 days of your tenancy. This is a record of the condition of the property at the commencement of your occupancy and is relied upon when it comes time for your outgoing inspection and release of your bond. It is therefore essential that you complete and sign this report and return a copy to our office.

Rental payments MUST be kept up-to-date as part of the agreement. Should you have difficulty in making this commitment at any stage during your tenancy, we urge you to contact our office to discuss a satisfactory payment plan to avoid a breach of your agreement.

Maintaining the property in a clean and tidy manner both internally and externally not only fulfils an important obligation within the agreement but also assists in identifying any maintenance items which may require attention at the property.

Regular periodic inspections will be completed by our staff during your tenancy. Appropriate notice will be provided in accordance with your tenancy agreement.

Any maintenance concerns with the property during your tenancy can be addressed by phoning our office.

The landlords consent must first be obtained in relation to any alternations to the dwelling, changing of locks, installation of additional television/telephone points or pay TV services etc.

Smoke alarms fitted to the dwelling must be regularly tested during your tenancy with replacement batteries installed as required. If an alarm appears faulty and does not test, it is vital that you contact our office immediately to arrange for the unit to be fixed/replaced. All smoke alarms are to be fully operational at all times.

Whether the property is serviced with town supply or tank water, our office should be notified of any leaking taps, toilets etc to enable prompt attention in an effort to conserve water.

Tenant Information Statement

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