Property Appraisal

At Webbs Real Estate, we take the time to develop a comprehensive appraisal report of your property. To provide you with a realistic sale price we collect information about your property from you and from relevant real estate websites, analyse the Gloucester region property market, and link our appraisal of your property to recent sales and not list prices.

When you are ready to sell, Webbs Real Estate will help achieve the best possible outcome by:

  • Recommending the best method of sale for your property (Private Treaty, By Auction, Sale by Tender or Expressions of Interest). In the Gloucester region, the most utilised method is Private Treaty


  •  Producing effective advertising material to ensure our clients' properties receive the maximum exposure possible through all utilised mediums. More details about marketing can be found under the 'Buying' tab on our website


  • Conducting inspections of the property by appointment only and in the company of one of our Webbs' qualified agents

At Webbs we pride ourselves on always acting with integrity and in our clients’ best interests. As part of a property appraisal we provide you with recent references/testimonials. These are also available on our website under the 'About Us' tab. We can provide you with contact phone numbers of satisfied vendors if you would like to speak directly to them. We are confident our references will be the best you will find in the market.

For more information on property appraisals or to list your property with Webbs Real Estate Gloucester, please do not hesitate to contact us on 6558 1507 or visit our office, 85 Church Street Gloucester.