Extremely Pleasant, Considerate and Professional

Frances James , 21 Dec 2016

I found Webbs Real Estate to be an extremely professional agency.

Webbs were extremely honest when selling my property regarding the number of rooms it advertised, the market value, the housing environment etc.

When the buyer asked for any details about the property they checked with me before advising the buyer to ensure the correct information was given.

All the staff at Webbs are extremely pleasant, considerate and professional and without doubt are across every aspect of real estate which helps both buyers and sellers avoid the many pitfalls to buying or selling a house. They are always available to give advice and I found them to be very diplomatic in their dealings with both buyers and sellers. 

Selling houses is stressful but Webbs helped ease the stress by constantly updating me on progress - keeping the communication lines open and being direct and honest with the situation.

Webbs care for both the seller and buyer equally which is refreshing.

I would recommend Webbs for their honesty, their openness, their knowledge of the housing market and their professionalism.